Centerforce 43001 Pilot Bearing/Bushing

Centerforce 43001 Pilot Bearing/Bushing: Automotive. Buy Centerforce 43001 Pilot Bearing/Bushing: Release Bearings - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Centerforce holds 9 exclusive patents pertaining to automotive performance clutches 。 Over 25 years of experience to create the best clutch and flywheel package for your application 。 Some of these processes include the famous Centerforce weight system, Dual-Friction discs, and ball bearing actuated pressure plates, precision billet flywheels and more 。 Each application is developed to provide you with the right amount of clamp load, friction, durability and ease of use 。 Engineered to perform 。 provides innovative leadership in clutch technology by creating patented processes like their ball bearing pressure plate designs. When possible, uses ball bearings as a fulcrum (pivot) point for the pressure plate diaphragm spring. By utilizing this unique system, can increase clutch holding-capacity and keep the pedal effort low. This also allows to increase the quality and repeatability of each clutch developed with this process. offers multi-level product lines allowing customers to choose a performance clutch that matches their application and driving style. clutch assemblies are designed as an improved OE-style, direct bolt-in replacement performance clutch. The unique design allows for easy pedal effort and everyday drivability, while offering increased holding-capacity for maximum performance. engineers evaluate each assembly and apply our patented processes to increase the clutches holding-capacity and performance. 。 。 。

Centerforce 43001 Pilot Bearing//Bushing